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    Feb 6, 2019

    Festivities during Walt and Roy's visit included Walt judging a local bathing beauty contest and the premiere of a new Disney live action film, The Great Locomotive Chase at the Marceline Uptown Theater.

    "Walt and Roy stood outside and greeted every child that went into the theater," remembered Kaye Malins, who attended the premiere as a child. "When Walt took the stage that day he said, 'You children are lucky to live in Marceline. My best memories are the years I spent here'."

    MousePlanet: The Marceline Project

  • May 2, 2018

    We stayed at the cutest bed & breakfast in Marceline - quite the hidden gem, though it’s smack dab in the middle of Main Street U.S.A. (all my Disney fans are singing that song right?) above the Uptown Theater. This theater was built in the 1930s, and there is so much that is original inside.

    Krysten's Kitchen: A Must-See for Walt Disney Fans

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    Welcome to UPTOWN THEATRE, of Walt Disney’s boyhood town - Marceline, Missouri!  To start, I must make one thing perfectly clear - Uptown Theatre first opened on June 30th, 1930.  This was long after Elias and Flora had moved their family out of town, so it’s safe to assume that Walt Disney would not have experienced watching films in this theatre as a young boy.  However, Walt and his older brother would eventually set foot inside Uptown Theatre, and this movie house would be the scene of TWO huge Disney-related premiers!  

    Disney History 101: Uptown Theater

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Tel. 660-734-2905

104 N. Main Street USA, 
Marceline MO 64658 


Cafe Marceline

Monday - Friday 7am- 12pm

Saturday 8am - 12pm

Sunday - CLOSED